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Please shoot only the designated targets.  Never shoot when a person is downrange from you.


Please don't disturb any wildlife on club property.  We have a unique opportunity to observe several species here and enjoy our wild friends.


Target pathways are one-way only for your safety.  Please stay on the designated pathways and follow arrow directions.  Do not travel on the maintenance roads or cross any barriers as this may put you in harm's way.  The Field Range is constructed so you may shoot targets 1-14 or 15-28 or 1-28 as complete rounds, with a safe path between the parking area at target 15.


Always leave your bow or another member of your group in front of the target should you have to look for arrows. This tells other archers to wait.


Sighting-in and warming up should be done on the Flint Range only. The Field Range, for safety reasons, should be shot as a consecutive 14 or 28 target round, starting at target #1.  As new archers, or even seasoned archers, sometimes we need to be refreshed on target scoring and such, especially when rules and target faces are changed by the NFAA.  Rules to follow for the various "seasons" are in your Membership Information Packet.


Safety is the FIRST (1st) rule. Please observe good Flint Range line etiquette.  All archers must remain behind the shooting line until the last arrow is released and the shooting line is called cold or clear.  This is signaled by the range captain blowing his whistle or verbally calling the line clear or cold.  Place your bow on the rack while the line is cold / clear.  All archers will advance to the targets and score and pull their arrows at the same time.  Shooting cannot begin until everyone is behind the shooting line and the range captain has called the line HOT.


BROADHEADS: Broadheads are to be shot in the Broadhead Sand Pits at the south end of the Flint Range ONLY!  Do not shoot Broadheads into any other targets on the Flint or Field Ranges.  We spend most of our income replacing used bales and can't afford the damage caused by Broadheads.  To that end, if you are found shooting Broadheads into the Flint or Field range bales you will forfeit your membership and there will be no rebate of dues paid.


  • No Cross Bows are allowed anywhere on EVA property

  • Never draw a bow back above parallel to the ground

  • Always stay behind shooting line when the line is hot

  • This is a private archery range, you must be a member to use the facilities

  • A guest is someone who has never been a member of the club and is interested in becoming a member

  • Members are encouraged to bring guests, however the member must accompany their guest(s) at all times

  • Members are responsible for the safety of their guest(s) and for ensuring they adhere to EVA rules and regulations

  • Members may invite the same guest no more than two times - guests are expected to become members if they wish to continue to use the facilities

  • Children (under the age of 18) must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian at all times

  • Children must be competent with a bow and arrow and practice proper range etiquette

  • Broad Heads and Practice Broad Heads are only allowed in the sand pits

  • Membership cards must be displayed at all times while on EVA property

  • Littering is prohibited – keep the range clean

  • Use practice area to sight-in and practice

  • No Crossbows, Firearms, BB or Pellet Guns are allowed on the range

  • No shooting at anything other than designated archery targets

  • No dogs allowed

  • Do not feed or molest alligator(s) nor any other wildlife

  • No swimming in the lakes

  • Fishing is catch and release

  • No bows over 300 FPS

  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed prior to nor during any shooting activities

  • Bicycles, Motorcycles and ATVs are not permitted on the range

  • Backtracking is not permitted on the field range (safe paths back to the parking lot are located at targets 10 and 16)

  • Member/guest parking is located along the fence – Conex parking is reserved for Board members and work parties

  • Always indicate your presence if behind a target or otherwise out of sight in any shooting area

  • Shooting in the air is prohibited - never release an arrow if you cannot see where it will land

  • Never shoot a broken arrow – always inspect arrows when retrieved

  • Never demonstrate your skill by using a person or an object held by a person as a target

  • All members must participate in at least 2 work parties per year

  • Security cameras are located throughout the range for your safety/security and the security of EVA property

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