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The bow and arrow is a deadly weapon. In the hands of an irresponsible person it could be lethal, so please be aware of your limits and those of your bow.  Proper training, as in any sport, will allow you to enjoy archery to the fullest.

  1. Remember, SAFETY is the first rule.

  2. Children are always welcome at the range but must be under direct adult supervision at all times.  Children, like adults, must be competent with a bow and arrow and practice proper shooting line etiquette.

  3. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the club property, especially prior to or during any shooting activities.

  4. Nothing other than the bow and arrow, such as BB guns, firearms or crossbows, are allowed at any time.  The range is not designed for these weapons and our liability insurance does not cover their use.

  5. Bicycles, ATC'S, motorcycles, and other motor vehicles are a safety hazard to all on the range and are not allowed.

  6. You may fish in the pond, but all fishing is strictly catch and release. The use of barbless hooks is required if you fish. No bow fishing is permitted because we want our bass and turtle populations to grow.  Please don't feed or disturb our resident alligator.  We think he's kind of special.

  7. Members are encouraged to bring prospective members to the range as their guest.  Please remember you are responsible for the safety of your guest and you are not to leave them unsupervised while on EVA property.  After the second visit guests are expected to join the club and support club activities.

  8. The gate is to be relocked after entering the property so people can't wander in and possibly find themselves in harm's way.  If you are coming in when we are having a club shoot or other scheduled events there is no need to close and lock the gate.

  9. Please park at an angle along the fence. Do not park north of the light poles as that area is used for turning around. Do not park directly in front of the storage trailers as this would make access to them difficult when deliveries are made. It also makes retrieving materials and putting them away difficult.

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